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You're going to lose a lot of followers for saying that about NCIS. It's a shame that you've become such a pretentious bitch because you used to be so nice to everyone and now you think you're better than them.



mate lemme be completely honest with you

i don’t care. like i really don’t. i don’t know why ncis blogs still follow me anymore because i rarely ever blog about it and i doubt everyone who still follows me cries about once upon a time, too so there’s really no point

the only thing i care about are the beautiful friends i’ve made through watching ncis, and even if they unfollowed me i’d completely understand. i’m just not interested in the show anymore because the thing that i loved so much about it was destroyed and i have no interest it watching them try to pick up the pieces and fix something that can never be fixed. and i sure as hell don’t care about losing followers for having an opinion because frankly i’ve been waiting for that to happen for months now. 

i’m sorry if you still love the show and saying negative things about it offends you, or anyone else for that matter, but it’s still my opinion and i doubt it’s going to change.

and as far as being a pretentious bitch:

if detaching myself from something that caused me a lot of heartache and emotional turmoil, something that became an extremely unhealthy part of my life and literally ruined parts of it makes me a pretentious bitch, then i guess there’s nothing to say, other than i was looking out for myself. and that meant removing myself from an unhealthy situation and i refuse to be shamed for that.

and for the record, there’s not a single person in that fandom that i think i’m better than. i’ve made the most beautiful friends ever through being involved in that fandom and every one of them is still important to me, even if we don’t talk anymore. 

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get to know: cote de pablo (insp.)

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same … i made a post about this and tagged it (which i don’t usually do) but it was ignored, i will seriously lose my S H I T if people ignore me


and honestly I love the people i follow but tonight I’m not giving chances with ncis posts so probably I will unfollow people, I’m LOSING IT.

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Ziva David & introducing herself
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PLEASE  T A G    Y O U R    P O S T S


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Me and Kensi

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ziva david is the most important character to ever grace ur tv screen and if u disagree ge t out of my faCE bye

I disagree with this, all NCIS characters are important. You can’t belittle the others just because Ziva’s your fav. That’s petty.

ok well pls follow above instructions and get out of my face ty xx

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My s12 blacklist is ready to block posts

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 not ashamed;  
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Do you?

-I do!
-… you do…what?
-The question you were going to ask.

-How do you know what I was going to ask.

-I am a woman, I ALWAYS know what you are going to ask.


_I do.

-I love you!
_I know, I love you too.

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