"Do you really consider me to be,in your life?"

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Some translations

In conclusion, everyone think NCIS is Definetly not good now and most of them want a good closure of the relationship with Tony.

(And I didn’t even screenshoot everything)

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If corals get stressed they die, so if I was coral I would be dead 

what do coral even get stressed about

Current events

I sea.

guys, i work at an aquarium and my coworkers and i have literally laughed at this for three days straight. everytime we pass each other we whisper “current events” and crack up. our customers think we are nuts.

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Give me a character and I will answer:



  • Why I like them
  • Why I don’t
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line
  • Favorite outfit
  • OTP
  • Brotp
  • Head Canon
  • Unpopular opinion
  • A wish
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
  • 5 words to best describe them
  • My nickname for them

Oh, do this fore. And I DARE people to ask me their faves!

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"Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong."

—Mandy Hale (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
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WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it
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But Elsi I already made d thing *pouting*, and the tracklist has 15 of d best songs you can find. And is perfect, and I just had to do it, and is my payback for your 30 days challenge. And is already DONE *pouting* and you are going to love/hate it

hahaha okay, I will forgive you only because I’m planning to do some playlist thing of tony and ziva (but not as every playlist you had seen before in the fandom,is kinda a new way to show the songs)

so ,ONLY for that, I forgive you for this.

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I think my selfie problem is getting out of hand..

This deserves at least a thousand notes !!

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Is actually funny the fact I look like a woman in love with a boy, but I’m actually a woman in love of an otp falling in love… and that is not so funny.

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Elsi you are going to kill me, but I´m about to send you a link to a thing. And then I´m sure you are going to kill me so I will me hide under a rock some where in the space. Or maybe I just public the thing in tumblr too... I dont know yet.


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Have someone ever hear “Every time I hear your name” by Keith Anderson??

because look at the whole lyric

Finally got over that song of ours
stopped chasin’ little red sports cars,
To check the license plates 
and I quit drivin’ by your place.
Back makin’ the rounds at our old haunts: Honky Tonks, restaurants.
And seein’ some of our old friends
it feels good to dance again.
And I can finally smell your perfume 
and not look around the room for you.
And I can walk right by your 
picture in a frame and not feel a thing.

But when I hear your name,
I feel rain fallin’ right out of the blue sky.
And it’s the 5th of May, and I’m right there starin’ in your eyes.
And nothin’s changed
and we’re still same.
And I get lost in the innocence of a first kiss,
And I’m hangin’ on to every word rollin’ off of your lips:
And that’s all it takes
and I’m in that place,
Every time I hear your name.

Got someone special in my life; everyone thinks she’ll make a great wife.
Dad says he thinks she’s the one
reminds him of Mom when she was young.
But it’s way too soon to be talkin’ ‘bout rings
don’t wanna rush into anything.
She’s getting over someone too
kinda like me and you.
And she talks about him every once in a while, and I just nod my head and smile
'cause I know exactly what she's goin' through
yeah, I’ve been there too.

And when the conversation turns to you,
I get caught in a
"you were the only one for me",
Kinda thought
and your face is all that I see.
I know I can’t go back but I still go back.
And there we are, parked down by the riverside,
And I’m in your arms 
about to make love for the first time,
And that’s all it takes, and I’m in that place,
Every time I hear your name.

I stop thinkin’ ‘bout the words I left unsaid.
(Every time I hear your name.)
I stop tryin’ the change the things I can’t change.
(Every time I hear your name.)
In my heart I know you’re gone, but in my head…

and is pretty much how I think will be Tony’s storyline and I want to kill everyone

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And then, my dash spoke to me…

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