"Do you really consider me to be,in your life?"

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can we just

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Thank you twitter for your updates -

"Cote remains an important part of my world" - Michael Weatherly, PPF commentary

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Time to bring this puppy back.

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power couple

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insp. (x)

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the thing is

is that the thing is

is that i’m like 95% okay with this like 95% of the time

like if you didn’t know I watched ncis and had a blog about it

you wouldn’t know that this shit bothers me

it is not affecting my general overall wellbeing as a contributing member of society

it is however

pissing me the fuck off

whenever i think about how much fucking time i spent caring about this damn show

like i fell in love fictional characters and their investment and everything that comes with fandom because eventually something pans out

something happens

and i had to fucking love the one fucking show that just likes to stab me a million fucking times and twist the knife in multiple directions and then spit in my face and punch me in the throat for good measure

like really

i just it’s amazing

day to day

minute by minute

i’m not thinking actively about this show

like ever

(it’s hard to believe)

but really

what happens does not affect me in the overall almost at all

but i come on here

and i’m reminded for that thirty seconds every few hours

of how fucking screwed we got

and just



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This HR dept doesn’t negotiate with Terrorists.

Finish reading This Is The Most Passive-Agressive Office Note Battle We’ve Ever Seen

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I would love to see tony with the beard this season,but I don’t want him to look sexy for this new love interest

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Things we like to watch at 2am #ineedtosleep #butpls #bb #michaelweatherly #dvd

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"I’m still waiting for you here."
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Texts from Stephanie are A++

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The disclaimer for this is that the EW article has wildly speculated that this new character will be Tony’s love interest. I’m not sure if this has been confirmed by Gary, but let’s go ahead and assume that it is, because frankly none of us would be surprised……

The thing about Tony’s new love interest (and how much do you want to bet that the sadist prick Gary will have Tony use the word “soul mate”) that really, deeply angers me is the description of her coupled with her casting.

Stephanie is absolutely gorgeous. She’s been in cool sci-fi things that I would probably enjoy, so there is no question of her talent or that she would be an awesome addition. While the addition of another woman of color to the cast is always a blessing, I can’t help but become very frustrated by the timing and the role she’ll fill. Because to me, you’ve cast another woman into the exact same role that Ziva left—dangerous, talented, funny, confident and outgoing, as well as able to take and give back whatever Tony dishes. Sound like anyone else we know?

What kills me about this is that the message Gary is sending, the message I took away from this, is that he believes that women—specifically women of color—are interchangeable. Just swap one love interest for the another and no one will notice the damn difference.

If you’re going to add diversity to the cast, do it. By all means, the damn show needs it. Especially when it comes to the most popular drama, or so CBS loves to brag. So go ahead and change the show in a positive way. But give her a unique identity that doesn’t feel like “Ziva 2.0”, don’t insult us by having him fall in love for someone who is practically identical to her—don’t insult Tony by convincing us that he wouldn’t know the difference. 

This was an opportunity to do something new, and fresh, and exciting. Instead he’s given us stale character backgrounds and plugging in a new face, expecting that no one is smart enough to know the difference.

Fuck him.

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new chick on ncis: oh hi im dark haired tonei denosso slep wit mi
toney: ok bb
new chick: sapriz im gei
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They wish they could find the kind of chemistry that michael and cote had that easily. 

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